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How To Repurpose Tiles In An Extraordinary Way

Harrison Bird

In this article I’m going to show you How To Repurpose Tiles In An Extraordinary Way. We all have tiles in our homes, and from time to time we get to change them. When you take out some of them, remember the crafts that you are going to see here, and put them to another use once again. Or, you can do them with brand new ones, everything depends on your preferences of style. Do you already have some ideas in mind? How are you going to give new life to the old tiles? Scroll through the photos below and get inspired!

If you are thinking about decorating your home with flowers and plants, you certainly need a flower stand which can be easily made at home. Reuse an old tile for the top of it and save yourselves some money.

Repurpose Tiles

With some broken tiles you can create your own chess board. Everyone will be fascinated with the unique designs, and you are surely going to receive loads of compliments. What do you think about the idea?

Instead of spending money on expensive pieces of art, create one of your own which doesn’t require any artistic skills. You just have to think creatively and put together several tiles that match together. The result is going to be amazing, and you are going to decorate your home with an original decorative piece. Continue Reading…

Tips In Choosing A Tile Cutter

Harrison Bird

When buying a tile cutter, you will have the option to choose from a variety of tile cutters that cut differently depending on your project. Some tile cutters are made specifically for making designer and custom cuts, whereas other tile cutters are made to cut straight lines only. Tile cutters can be manually powered by batteries or require an electrical outlet. Tile cutters also come in hand-saw form or table-saw forms. Continue reading to learn more about how to buy a tile cutter that best suits your project needs.

Ceramic Tile Cutter

Ceramic tile cutters are used to cut tiles to a required size or shape. They come in a number of different forms, from basic manual devices to complex attachments for power tools.

Mass-produced ceramic tiles of medium to soft grades are cut easily with hand tools. The ceramic tile cutter is a tool invented in 1951 by the Boada brothers, originating in the town of Rubi (Barcelona) in Spain. The first tile cutter was designed to facilitate the work and solve the problems that masons had when cutting hydraulic mosaic or encaustic cement tiles (a type of decorative tile with pigmented cement, highly used in 50s, due to the high strength needed because of the high hardness and thickness of these tiles). The cutter works scratching a straight line through the tile and then punching it to snap the tile by the scratch weakened line. From the beginning it was popularly known by the users with the nickname “the RUBI”, for the birthplace of their inventors and later the Registered Trade Mark.

Many common ceramic tiles are made from clay which is much softer than the ultra-thin glazed surface which has the hardness of glass. While ceramic tile is very strong when you compress or squeeze it, it has less than ten percent of this strength when you apply tension to it. Bending or pulling is a tension force, and this is exactly what happens when you press down on the handle of the cutter. The tile begins to bend and cracks readily on the scored line. This is why you are often able to tear a piece of paper in a straight line after putting a hard crease in the paper. The crease creates a plane of weakness.

Ceramic Tile Cutter

Tips and Ideas on Home Improvement

Harrison Bird

I’ve been scouring the web for all the best bits and here are some about home improvement:

Improving your Home? Are You a Home Owner That Wants to Find Ideas for Do It Yourself Home Improvements that will
really increase the value of your home?

Your home is where you spend most of your time, and which you share with family and friends. Your home needs to grow and change with you and your family as your needs change, and it is an asset that needs constant up-keeping for it to increase in value over time.

For those reasons it is important that we, home lovers that can not always afford expensive architects and building contractors, to be constantly on the lookout for new home improvement ideas which we can implement ourselves, with the help of certain specialists, to increase the value of our homes. Continue reading:

Get the Best Window Treatment for Private Home Window Tint Film

Several house owners are opting for decorative window film installation to protect the interiors of their house in the best way. With number of endless options offered in window treatments, several people opt for window tint film for number of reasons. The best thing about it is that it proves to be more energy effective option, when compared to rest of them. Several house owners are also considering this option at the time of house renovation. Continue reading:

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These home improvement tips will give you more ideas on how to remodel and make your home to look better.